Mobile Applications Smart Phones & Tablets Apps.

At BUGMARKS we  design and develop high quality Web and Mobile apps. We specialize in iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows mobile applications development.

We are specialized in Mobile application development.  We study your businesses goals, such as: increase revenue, improve client service, have a greater connection with their clients, employees and / or vendors, games, etc., and come up with a fresh application that satisfies your customers needs.



At BUGMARKS we have a group of mobile application experts in developing applications for IOS. They are responsible for improving the mobile experience by developing interesting applications compatible with these devices.


Since Android is the next generation mobile-web world, It is the most significant and popular platform for developing mobile applications due to the flexibility that it provides.

We have an Android development team professionally qualified to offer various solutions through the development toolset that we at BUGMARKS count on.


Types of Mobile Apps

  • Native Applications: This refers to apps built for and installed on a specific platform, such as iOS or Android, using a platform-specific software development kit (SDK).
  • Mobile Web Applications: Unlike native apps, mobile web apps are not installed on the device; rather, they are accessed via a Web browser.  These are server-side applications that render HTML, typically adjusting the design depending on the type of device making the request.
  • Hybrid Applications: As the name implies, hybrid apps combine technologies from native and mobile Web apps to gain the benefits each.

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