• Project date August 2000
  • Client Azalur-Ethiopia
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Azalur is a charity organization in ethiopia, Its goal is to provide water in poor countries inorder to flourish it.


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Crumbs is a waffle and crepes shop located in the south of Lebanon-Saida.


  • Project date Feb 2012
  • Client Genergy
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Based on the concept of green energy, Genergy is a company based in beirut that provides its clients with enviromentaly friendly electric solutions.

Mega Cargo Transport

  • Project date Dec 2010
  • ClientMega Cargo Transport
  • Visit website www.megact.com
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Mega Cargo Transport provides non-stop services throughout the globe using unique multi-modal overseas transport (Air, Sea, and Land).


  • Project date Sep 2013
  • Client Joury Home Accessories
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Joury is a home accessories shop in the south of lebanon.


  • Project date Jan 2014
  • Client Mahmood Ezzeddine
Feature image
Ezzeddine logo based on kufi typography.

Mia Trading

  • Project date Dec 2010
  • Client Mia Trading Company
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Multipurpose trading company


  • Project date Apr 2009
  • Client Bayoud Appartments
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Bayoud Executive Apartments are conveniently located in the heart of Beirut, a short drive away from the beach and major attractions. It is only a walking distance from the American University of Beirut, Lebanese American University and the famous Hamra Street.
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